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Joe Casey's Biographical Sketch


B.Sc. (Honours Biochemistry) Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Ph.D. (Biochemistry) University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Research Experience
Summer Student  Departments of Biology and Biochemistry, Queen's University
(Supervisors Dr. K. Budd and Dr. J. S. Else)
1984, 1985, 1986
Undergraduate Student Honours B.Sc. Thesis, Department of Biochemistry, Queen's University
(Supervisor Dr. P.L. Davies)
Graduate Student "Structural and Functional Studies of Human Band 3, the Anion Transport Protein of the Erythrocyte Membrane", Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto
(Supervisor Dr. R.A.F. Reithmeier)
Postdoctoral Fellow  Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University
(Supervisor, Dr. R.R. Kopito)
Academic Appointments
Assistant Professor Department of Physiology, University of Alberta 1996-2001
Associate Professor Department of Physiology, University of Alberta 2001-2006
Adjunct Member Department of Biochemistry, University of Alberta 2001-Present
Full Professor Department of Physiology and Department of Biochemistry



Full Professor Department of Biochemistry (Primary affiliation) 2011-
  Scholar, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research 1996-2001
  Scholar, Medical Research Council of Canada            1996-2001
  Senior Scholar, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research 2001-2006

J.A.F. Stevenson Visiting Professorship

(Canadian Physiological Society Young Investigator Award)           

Merck-Frosst Award from Canadian Society of Biochemistry,

Molecular and Cellular Biology (Young Investigator Award)

Scientist, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research

                                              Recent  Invited Lectures  
  Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary Nov. 2015
  Brain Transport Metabolism Symposium, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany Sept. 2015
  Comprehenisve Tissue Centre, University of Alberta Hospital Sept. 2015
  Cardiovasscular Research Centre, National University of Argentina, La Plata Nov. 2013
  Annual Meeting Argentine Society of Physiology, Mar Del Plata, Argentina Nov. 2013
  Centennial Lecture, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta Oct. 2013
  International Research Training Group in Membrane Biology, Germany Aug. 2013
  Centre de Recherche Scientifique, Monaco Nov. 2012
  Department of Cell Biology, University of Alberta Nov. 2012
  Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Alberta May 2011


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