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Back to front, left to right

Ali Qadri (summer student) Mike Chiu, Joe Casey

Meet Patel (summer student), Chris Lukowski (with Charlie), Manuel Daumann (visiting German student)

Darpan Malhotra (Sharing honorary lab member, Cinno Casey), Alka Kumari, Nada Alshumaimeri, Sampath Loganathan, Kamala Lamsal, Andrea Blum (visiting German student)


Current Members
Joe Casey   Send Email
Nada Alshumaimeri Graduate Student Send Email
Katie Badior Graduate Student Send Email
Alka Kumari Postdoctoral Fellow Send Email
Chris Lukowski Research Technician Send Email
Darpan Malhotra Graduate Student Send Email
Kamala Lamsal Laboratory  Assistant
Lab Location: 4055 Katz Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research, University of Alberta
Lab phone number: (780) 492-1080
Graduate Students  
Deborah Sterling 1997-2002 (Ph.D. awarded)
Fred Loiselle 1999-2004 (Ph.D. awarded)
Quansheng Zhu 1999-2004 (Ph.D. awarded)
Thitima Keskanokwong Visiting Graduate Student 2004-2005 (Received Ph.D. 2007)
Heather McMurtrie 2003-2006 (M.Sc. awarded)
Haley Shandro 2003-2007 (M.Sc. awarded)
Danielle Johnson 2004-2010 (Ph.D. awarded)
Britanny Brown 2008-2011 (M.Sc. awarded)
Pam Bonar 2007-2013 (Ph.D. awarded)
Daniel Sowah 2004-2014 (Ph.D. awarded)
Sampath Loganathan 2010-2015 (Ph.D. awarded)
Mike Chiu 2013-2015 (M.Sc. awarded)
Linda Forero-Quintero Visiting Graduate Student
Andrea Blum Visiting Graduate Student
Manuel Daumann Visiting Graduate Student
Postdoctoral Fellows  
Andrew Taylor 1997-1999
Jocelyne Fujinaga 1996-1998
Bernardo Alvarez


Patricio Morgan 2002-2007
Shirley Mazor 2008-2010
Arghya Basu 2008-2011
Gonzalo Vilas 2006-2012
Summer Students  
Austin Chen 1996
David Dilworth 1996,1997
Tamiko Nishimura 1997
Nick Kovacs 1997
Jane Choi 1999
Amrita Sekhon 1999
Aarti Kumar 2000
Nathan Brown 2001
Joseph Pagano 2001
Diana Lee 2002
Paul Jaschke 2002
Nicole Lutic 2004
Neil Pandya 2004
Meghana Saincher 2006
Paul Freund 2007
Anthony Lott 2008
Stefan Slomp 2009
Amr Abdelradi 2011
Phil Quon 2012
Jake Mandziuk 2012, 2014
Inderpal Gil 2013
Maninder Logowal 2013
Meet Patel 2015
Ali Qadri 2015
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