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Jan. 7, 2013


Welcome to Mike Chiu who joined the lab as a new graduate student, having completed his B.Sc. at Queen's University. Greetings to Inderpal Gil who joined the lab as a co-op student from Dept. of Biochemistry, University of British Columbia. Welcome back to Arghya Basu, who was a postdoctoral fellow in the lab, went away for a year and has returned as a Research Associate!

Jan. 7, 2013 Farewell to Gonzalo Vilas who has moved to a position in the Department of Pharmacology.
Dec. 16, 2012 New paper accepted for publication: Alvarez, B.V., Quon, A., Mullen, J., and Casey, J.R. (2012 ) Quantification of Carbonic Anhydrase Gene Expression in Ventricle of Hypertrophic and Failng Human Heart BMC Cardiovascular Disorders In Press.
May 1, 2012

Welcome to our new summer students, Jake Mandziuk and Phil Quon! Jake and Phil both were awarded summer studentships from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. Congratulations!

April 30, 2012

The International Research Training Group in membrane Biology

Canada's Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has awarded $1.6 million in funding to a group of 10 investigators, including Dr. Casey. the funding will support stipends for summer students, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows 2012-2018. These select trainees will receive a series of special experiences, including collaborative research for three-six months in the laboratory of one of our German partners. Graduate student and postdoctoral applications to join the program in the Casey laboratory will be available in the next two months (look for the announcement).

Jan. 5, 2012 We have begun to act as curators of the database of known variations of the Slc4a11 gene at  Leiden Open Variation database.
Dec. 1, 2011 Congratulations to Brittany Brown M.Sc.! Brittany Brown of the Casey lab successfully defended her M.Sc.


Oct. 31, 2011

New Paper in Press:

Vilas, G.L., Loganathan, S., Quon, A.,, Sundaresan, P., Vithana, E.N and Casey, J.R. (2011) Oligomerization of SLC4A11 protein and the severity of FECD and CHED2 corneal dystrophies caused by SLC4A11 mutations, Human Mutation, In Press.
May 11, 2011 New Paper in Press: De Giusti, V., Orlowski, A., Villa-Abrille, M., Chiappe de Cingolani, G., Casey, J.R., Alvarez, B. and Aiello, E. (2011) Antibodies against the cardiac sodium bicarbonate cotransporter (NBCe1) as a pharmacolgical tool British Journal of Pharmacology, In Press.


May 9, 2011 Welome to Amr Abdelradi, who joined the laboratory as a summer student!
April 28, 2011 New Paper in Press; Sowah, D.., and Casey, J.R. (2011) An intrmolecular transport metabolon: Fusion of carbonic anhydrase II to the C-terminus of the Cl-/HCO3- exchanger, AE1, Am. J. Physiology , In Press.
Feb. 4 , 2011 New Paper in Press; Johnson, D.E., and Casey, J.R. (2011) Cytosolic H+ microdomain developed around AE1 during AE1-mediated Cl-/HCO3- exchange, J. Physiology , In Press.

Feb. 1 , 2011

New Paper in Press; Vilas, G., Morgan, P., Loganathan, S., Quon A., and Casey, J.R. (2011)  A biochemical framework for SLC4A11, the plasma membrane protein defective in corneal dystrophies, Biochemistry , In Press.

Dec. 8, 2010 Congratulations to Sampath Loganathan for being awarded a 75th Anniversay graduate studentship Award.
Nov. 29, 2010

Best wishes to Dr. Danielle Johnson!  Danielle, a graduate student in the Casey lab, successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.

Sept. 9 , 2010 New Paper in Press; Basu, A., Mazor, S, and Casey, J.R. (2010)Distance measurements within a concatamer of the plasma membrane Cl-/HCO3- exchanger, AE1, Biochemistry , In Press.

June 30 , 2010

New Paper in Press; Bonar, P.T., and Casey, J.R. (2010) Purification of Functional Human Chloride/Bicarbonate Exchanger, AE1, Over-expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Protein Expression and Purification, In Press.

May 18 , 2010 Gonzalo Vilas, Postdoctoral fellow in the Casey Lab, won the award for best oral presentation at the Team to Prevent Blindness Research Day. Well done (again) Gonzalo!

April 18 , 2010



Congratulations to Pam Bonar and Gonzalo Vilas for each winning a poster presentation award at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Banff Alberta!

March 1 , 2010

Welcome to Sampath (Sam) Loganathan, who joined the laboratory as a graduate student!
Nov. 10, 2009 New paper in Press: Casey, J.R., Orlowski, J. and Grinstein, S. (2010) Sensors and Regulators of Intracellular pH Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, In Press
Sept. 10, 2009 Welcome to our new Fourth Year Physiology project students, Sandy Goodier and Anthony Lott!
July 20, 2009 New paper in Press: Casey, J.R., Sly, W.S., Shah, G.N., and Alvarez, B.V.(2009) Bicarbonate Homeostasis in Excitable Tissues: Roles of AE3 Cl-/HCO3- Exchanger and Carbonic Anhydrase XIV Interaction Am. J. Physiol. In Press
June 3, 2009 New paper in Press:Johnson, Ai, Wong, Young, Campbell and Casey Red fluorescent protein pH biosensor to detect concentrative nucleoside transport, (2009) J. Biol. Chem. 284, 20499-511.
May 1, 2009 Welcome to Stefan Slomp who joined the lab as a summer student.
April 16, 2009

A big "Well done!" to Pam Bonar, for successfully completing her Ph.D. candidacy examination.

Jan. 1, 2008 Brittany Brown and Arghya Basu were awarded studentship and PDF fellowship awards respectively from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research. Well done!!
Oct. 25 2008 At the 2008 Red Blood Cell Club meeting in Rochester Joe Casey met two originators of the field of molecular studies of bicarbonate transport, Drs Aser Rothstein and Hermann Passow.
October 2008

Here come the review articles! It has been a busy time for review articles in the Casey Lab. Look for these soon:
Danielle Johnson and Joseph Casey (2009) Bicarbonate Transport Metabolons in Drug Design of Zinc-Enzyme Inhibitors: Functional, Structural and Disease Applications, Supuran, C.T. and Winum, J. Eds, Wiley.

Pam Bonar and Joseph Casey (2008) Plasma membrane Cl-/HCO3- exchangers: Structure, mechanism and physiology Channels, 2, 337-345.

Emmanuelle Cordat and Joseph Casey (2009) Bicarbonate in Cell Physiology and Disease Biochem. J. 417, 423-439 .

Oct. 7 2008 Welcome to Manuel who arrived today at 6:00 am. Manuel is the son of Gonzalo Vilas and his wife, Valeria!
Sept. 15, 2008

Shirley Mazor joined the laboratory as a new Post-docotral fellow, having completed her Ph.D. in Israel.  Welome, Shirley!


Sept. 2, 2008


Welcome to Brittany Brown, who has joined the lab as a graduate student, after completing her B.Sc. at Acadia University.

May 4, 2008 Welcome to Arghya Basu who joined the laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow.
May 1, 2008 Welcome to Anthony Lott who will work in the laboratory as an AHFMR funded summer student.
March 20, 2008 Daniel Sowah of the Casey laboratory successfully completed his Ph.D. candiadacy examination.  Well done!

March 19, 2008

Congratulations to Danielle Johnson of the Casey Lab for winning second prize for her presentaiton at Physiology Graduate Student day.

January 2008

Congratulations to Danielle Johnson and Pam Bonar, who both won Alberta Heritage Foundaiton for Medical Research graduate sudentships!!



January 2008 Welcome to Ebru-Eylem Baspinar, who just started work in the Casey Laboratory as a technician.
Nov. 15, 2007 New Paper accepted for Publication: Vithana, E.N, Morgan, P.E., Ramprasad, V., Tan, D.T.H., Yong, V.H.K., Venkataraman, D., Venkatraman, A., Yam, G.H.F., Nagasamy, S., Law, R.W.K., Rajagopal, R., Pang, C.P., Kumaramanickevel, G., Casey, J.R, Aung, T. (2007) SLC4A11 Mutations in Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy (FECD) Hum. Mol. Genet., In Press.
October 16, 2007 Congratulations to Paul Freund, who was a summer student in the lab this summer, for winning a prize at the Faculty of Medicine Summer Student Research Day poster competition !

August 14, 2007

Congratulations to Graduate student Daniel Sowah and his wife, Stella, on the arrival of  their son, 8.8 pound Philbert!

August 14, 2007

New Paper accepted for Publication: Alvarez, B.V., Gilmour, G., Mema, S.C., Shull, G.E., Casey, J.R., Sauvé, Y. (2007) Blindness results from deficiency in AE3 chloride/bicarbonate exchanger PloS ONE, In Press.

June 6, 2007

Thitima Keskanokwong (Jeab) was a visiting student from Thailand who performed research in the lab for one year.  Jeab's work (with help from Danielle, Haley and Gonzalo) has just been accepted for publication in JBC: Keskanokwong, T., Shandro H.J., Johnson, D.E., Kittanakom, S., Vilas, G.L., Reithmeier, R.A.F., Varaporn, A., Yenchitsomanus, P., and Casey J.R. (2007) Interaction of Integrin-linked Kinase with kAE1 Cl-/HCO3- Exchanger, J. Biol. Chem, In Press.

May 29, 2007

New Paper accepted for Publication: P. E. Morgan, S. Pastoreková, A. K. Stuart-Tilley, S. L. Alper and J. R. Casey (2007) Interactions of Transmembrane Carbonic Anhydrase, CAIX, with Bicarbonate Transporters Am. J. Physiol, In Press

May 1, 2007 Welcome to Paul Freund who will work in the laboratory as an AHFMR funded summer student.
April 19, 2007 Haley Shandro of the Casey Lab successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis.  Congratulations Haley Shandro M.Sc.!
April 10, 2007

New paper accepted for publication in IOVS: Alvarez, B.V., Shandro, H., Yang, Z., Vithana, E.N., Koh, A.H., Yeung, K., Yong, V., Kolatkar, P., Palasingam, P., Zhang, K., Aung T., and Casey J.R. (2007) dentification and Characterization of a Novel Mutation in the Carbonic Anhydrase IV Gene that Causes Retinitis Pigmentosa, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, In Press.

Jan. 2007
  Haley sets lab record for largest centrifugal pellet.
Jan. 8, 2007

Pam Bonar began in the laboratory as a new graduate student.  Welcome Pam!

Dec. 15, 2006


Gonzalo Vilas was awarded a postdoctoral Fellowship from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.  Congratulations to Gonzalo!!

Nov. 14, 2006 New paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Physiology:
Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition Prevents and Reverts Cardiomyocyte Hypertrophy Alvarez, B.V., Johnson, D.E., Sowah, D., Soliman, D., Light, P.E., Xia, Y., Karmazyn, M. and Casey J.R. (2006) J. Physiol, In Press.
Nov. 8, 2006 Postdoctoral Fellow Gonzalo Vilas joined the research group today. Welcome Gonzalo!
Oct. 23, 2006 New paper accepted for publication by American Journal of Physiology:
Alvarez, B.V., Kieller, D.M., Quon, A.L., Robertson, M. and Casey J.R. (2006) Cardiac hypertrophy in Anion Exchanger 1 Null Mutant Mice with Severe Hemolytic Anemia, Am. J. Physiol, In Press.
Oct. 21, 2006 Meghana Saincher of the Casey Lab won a Poster Prize at the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Summer Student Poster Competition.
Oct. 12, 2006 Meghana Saincher of the Casey Lab won a presentation prize at the Membrane Protein Research Group Summer Student Competition.
August 28, 2006 Heather McMurtrie of the Casey lab successfully defended her thesis.  Congratulations Heather, M.Sc.!
July 2006 Meghana Saincher, a summer student in our laboratory was named one of Canada’s Top-20-under-20, a remarkable achievement!  Read Story >>
June 1, 2006 Joe Casey was awarded with the Merck-Frosst Award of the Canadian Society of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Joe receives Merck-Frosst Award
Joe Casey receives the Merck-Frosst Award for outstanding research achievements from Canadian Society for Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Society President, David Thomas (McGill University).
May 21, 2006 Haley Cleary, gradate student in the laboratory marries Michael Shandro.  Members of the lab attended the wedding.
Haley's Wedding
March 2006 Joe Casey awarded a Scientist Award from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.
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