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We have received substantial infrastructure support from AHFMR, Canada Foundation for Innovation (New Opportunities), Faculty of Medicine and Department of Physiology, University of Alberta.  This has allowed us to equip the laboratory with outstanding facilities including: a Biorad Biologic Protein Purification System, our own tissue culture facility, our own cell imaging facility equipped with a Leica DMIRB microscope CCD cameras and a second stand-alone fluorometer system used to study ion transport in living cells grown on glass coverslips.  The laboratory has an extensive set of equipment for molecular biological and protein chemical analysis including a gel photo documentation system, digital immunoblot documentation system, micro-plate reader and three PCR machines.

A view of the main lab

The lab’s coffee area.  Hot drinks fuel research!


View out the lab window, showing the University of Alberta Hospital, with helicopter landing pad on top.  Train tracks are part of the Light Rail transit system of the City of Edmonton.

On the left (black boxes) are two of the lab’s three polymerase chain reaction machines (PCR).  Upper right are a shaking incubator and a vortex mixer.  Bottom right is the lab’s UV/viual spectrophotometer.


Weighing area, chemical storage and solution preparation area.

Bacterial culture incubator

Tissue culture facility is in a separate room, including two tissue culture incubators (on left) and a sterile hood.  Facility is used for growing immortalized mammalian cells.

Two large preparative centrifuges.  On the left is the Beckman Avanti that can centrifuge at up to 20, 000 rpm, while the ultracentrifuge on the right can spin at up to 80,000 rpm.


Electrophoresis area for resolution of DNA and protein samples.

Kodak Image station (yellow lid) for collecting images of immunoblots (Western blos).  To the right of the computer monitor is the microtitre dish (ELISA) reader for measuring absorbance in 96 well plates.

Ultraviolet light box and photo documentation system for DNA gels.

One of the laboratory’s two fluorimeters for measuring fluorescence in living cells.

Biological chromatography station for protein purification.


Microscope set up for imaging experiments. Digital camera sticks up from the top of the microscope.

The lab’s other fluorimeter, set up and ready to go.

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