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When We Are Not Working, We Are...

Pam Bonar and Brittany Brown at the Banff Hotsprings                                                                                     Pam goes on a Boston running tour on the way to a Gordon conference


Pam goes and does, oh we don't known. You'll have to ask her.                                                                         What a hard day of mountain biking does to Joe casey's head!




Getting Married.  Photos from Haley’s Wedding May 21, 2006

Casey Lab all dressed up for Haley’s wedding.  Left to right Bernardo Alvarez, Veronica Alessandroni, Anita Quon, Danielle Johnson, Michael (the Groom) Shandro, Haley Cleary (in white), Joe Casey, Heather McMurtrie, Patricio Morgan, Carmen Rieder.

Same group as above, but clearly more pensive.  No doubt they are deep in thought about aspects of bicarbonate transport biology.
Fly Fishing Visiting the Acropolis!

Bernardo Alvarez in fine form, looking for the fish in one of Alberta’s secret streams.

Bernardo and Vernonica enjoy a side-trip to the Acropolis before a meeting in Portugal.


Running a Marathon!

Mountain Climbing!

Joe Casey savours the feeling of finishing the Seattle Marathon, 2004 (3:17).

Joe Casey at the summit of Pyramid Mountain, Jasper Alberta.




Joe Casey in the mountains of interior British Columbia, January 2004.

Anita Quon on her green machine.

Playing Hockey! Snow Sports
Anita (two boards) and Danielle (one board) taking a break as they make their way down the slopes in Banff.
Haley and Heather prepared for battle!  
Catching a FIFA Soccer Ball  
Patricio catches a soccer ball kicked into the stands at the Spain versus Czech Republic FIFA under 20 match at Commonwealth Stadium.  
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