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Department of Biochemistry
Membrane Protein Disease Research Group
Nicolas Touret
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Room 4020H - KGR Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, T6G 2E1, Alberta
the Lab is located on the 4h floor of the Katz Group Rexall building on the corner of 87th avenue and 114th street (see the campus map).

The laboratory is focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms involved in the initiation of immune responses when the organism is challenged with pathogens.

Motion of a membrane receptor analyzed at the single molecule level
Research area

We are using new imaging technologies, capable of resolving the behavior of single molecules, to define the change of state overtime that receptors of innate immune cells (macrophages and dendritic cells) are undergoing during their interaction with pathogen’s molecules.

Macrophages /
Dendritic Cells
Cytokines Secretion

Single molecules movie

One of the currently developed method in the lab is to study immune receptor at the single molecule level (see research section).

Katz Group Rexall Building

  1. Bullet September 2009

We moved to the brand new Katz Group Rexall Building.

Our address is now Room 4043 - Katz Group Rexall Building (KGR)

  1. Bullet January 2010

Welcome to John Maringa Githaka. John is coming from Moi University in Kenya.

  1. Bullet September 2009

Andrew Locke joins the lab as graduate student. After spending 3 summers and a year as a project student in the lab, we are glad that Andrew decided to start is graduate program in our lab.

  1. Bullet October 2010

The new microscope is now up and running in the imaging room of the 4th floor KGR - room 4107.

  1. Bullet February 2011

First superresolution PALM images with our new Quorum technologies system.

  1. Bullet September 2011

Super-resolution imaging. Some example of tubulin labeled with AF647