Weiner Laboratory
Bacterial Complex II Homologs
Fumarate reductase (FrdABCD) and succinate dehydrogenase (SdhCDAB) are both excellent model systems for mitochondrial complex II. They are expressed anaerobically and aerobically, respectively, and have similar overall structures and prosthetic group compositions. We are interested in using them as model systems to study the interplay between aerobic succinate oxidation and delitorious ROS generation.

Our focus with SdhCDAB is to understand the relationship between the identified ubiquinone binding site and the heme and [3Fe-4S] cluster to which it is in close juxtaposition. We are addressing these issues using a combination of site-directed mutagenesis and biochemical/ biophysical assays.

In the case of FrdABCD, we are trying to determine the role of the menaquinol binding sites identified in the structure of the protein.